I Apologize for Taking Advantage of You Concerning Y2K!

To: All who have listened to The Prophecy Club®

It all began when I invited Dumitru Duduman to speak. I typed up his warning message and began to give it to as many people who would take it. When the invitation to do a fifteen minute radio program came along, I saw it as a great opportunity to continue distributing the warnings of Henry Gruver and Dumitru Duduman. After 22 years in selling, teaching and training, I naturally took the businessman's approach. It got me in trouble. Before I go further with the story, let me say I apologize for taking advantage of you concerning Y2K and ask for your forgiveness.

I asked Gene Bacon to give me some direction for the troubled Prophecy Club ® . A week later, on the afternoon of July 15th, Gene came to my home to personally deliver a Word of the Lord for direction. An hour and twenty minutes of consultation can be summed up with this:

Gene stated like Nathan said to David when he had sinned and numbered the people against God's will. Gene said to me, "By the Word of the Lord I present to you two options."

1. "You can continue The Prophecy Club ® as you are, in the direction you are, and it will continue to go down, down, down. I am not saying He will not leave you a little measure of light, but it will continue to go down.

2. "You can apologize and take a new direction. Whether you realized it or not, whether you intended to or not, YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THE PEOPLE CONCERNING Y2K. You must publicly apologize to your staff and His people and ask for their forgiveness.

You must change your heart to be more Christ-like. The specific changes I can see, now this is not a 'Thus saith the Lord', you will have to let the Lord show you others. The changes I see lie in the areas of covetousness, pride and control. He said that does not mean you are a bad person, but God expects more out of ministers. It is also necessary for the things God wants to do through you in the future. You must be cleaner to go to the next higher level in ministry. Whether you realize it or intended it or not, in the spirit, there is an offense. You must apologize first to your staff and then on the radio," which I did.

In reference to Y2K, I believe I took advantage of you by promoting the Y2K preparations too much. Please forgive me.

The following morning Gene spoke at th e Spirit of Prophecy Church. He talked on brotherly love. He said something to the effect of, "There is nothing wrong with preparing. I prepared and I am glad I did." I think what I did was over promote Y2K preparations. If I had simply offered it and dropped it, then fine, but I promoted them too much. I also think the fact that Y2K did not happen, as four of our speakers told us, caused hard feelings. More on speakers later.

In the early days of The Prophecy Club ® God laid on my heart the plan that I was to follow. Things like having a meeting once a month not twice a month or every two months; charging at the door, not free; the radio program being 30 minutes, not 15 minutes. The objective that had to be met was to pay the current month's radio bill so there could be a next month. God laid on my heart that this was to be accomplished primarily by sales of books and videos supplemented by offerings, not the other way around. In the future, it will be spiritual training with donations supplemented by sales. We will sow into the people and God will sow into this ministry.

The money made from Y2K preparations was used to "pass out more of the Duduman/Gruver fliers". At least that was my intent. So what is wrong with that? I have to look deep in my heart. Sometimes we do things without realizing there is more than one motive. Frankly, it reached many people. The money was reinvested into more radio and expanded into television. I thought this would please God. So what is wrong with that? It is in line with the goals and objectives of the ministry! It is reaching more souls for Jesus! How can that be bad? Perhaps there were some other motives? Maybe I wanted to build the ministry bigger than the next guy. Perhaps I wanted the satisfaction to know more people were hearing me? The devil places these devilish thoughts in us all. I try to cast down imaginations like we all have to. Perhaps God's infinite eye caught something in my heart called covetousness. I am not sure. I am trying to tell you my inner thoughts. I have tried to search my soul. I sure seemed to be doing it for the right reasons. Whatever the truth is, God knows. I only know I have taken advantage of the very people I love, the people I have tried to wake-up and warn. I am sorry. I must have done it out of ignorance. I thought by taking this money made from Y2K preparations and using it to warn more people, God would be pleased. Apparently not. Maybe the entire seven years of battling upstream I didn't do it right-as I thought. The Bible says, The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? JER 17:9

While I am repenting, I may as well address a few more subjects. Each month I was under tremendous pressure to make ends meet. A large part of that was determined by having an exciting new speaker. Over the last seven years God has been faithful to send us around 100 speakers who have brought us vital information. My heart was that God would send the right speaker with the right heart, with the right message for the right hour. I believe most of them were. I have stated, and as printed at the bottom of the front page of our newsletter, I don't agree with every comment that our speakers make.

One person said, "Your speakers don't agree. One says this and the next month the speaker disagrees with last month's."

I explained it is an open platform, for their message to be heard-a message that otherwise would not. It is like eating watermelon. Eat the meat, spit out the seeds. No one has 100% truth. We all see through a glass darkly.

There is a man by the name of James Lloyd who has leveled some very attacking comments about some past speakers and at The Prophecy Club ® , its methods and at me personally.

He says he is going to continue his attack until I come out and publicly condemn Tom Van Asperen and Bill Deagle as false prophets. He devoted at least one newsletter to digging up one-sided opinions of me, The Prophecy Club ® , Tom and Bill. That was not enough. He then expounded on it and put it into a book which he sells for $5.

I could say the accusations are not true and try to defend myself, but Ken Peters prophesied, "Do not involved yourself with wars and disputations that would have you to prove yourself, let Me prove you... Let Me deal with Saul. I will recompense tribulation on those who afflict My chosen ones." This is not an attack on James, it is an apology. I give. I admit I have made some mistakes and I publicly ask God, you, James, and those who follow his ministry to forgive me.

I will also state, lest you think I am saying all that was written was true, that well over 80% of his accusations are simply one side of the story without our side to give the complete story. In some cases accusations are correct and I apologize. Some statements are true, such as: "They charge $7 at the door and won't let me hand out fliers at their meetings." For this, I make no apology, nor do I intend to change. The point is not what was true or not. I still give. To the degree I was guilty, forgive me. I am not perfect. LUK 17:3 Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him . I repent. Forgive me. I believe that you have to forgive me according to MAT 6:15 But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

I also forgive James Lloyd, Peter Martinez and Jim Phillips for the damage they have caused to Leslie and I and this ministry, and ask them to forgive us for damage we have caused them. Let it end here.

I asked Gene Bacon to answer a question I have been asked several times. If a speaker makes a prediction and it does not come to pass are they a false prophet?

He said, "Absolutely not! Look at Jonah, Ninevah was not destroyed but Jonah DID hear from the Lord. God said He was going to take the children of Israel out of Egypt into the land of promise but they wondered in the wilderness until that generation was dead, except Joshua and Caleb! Not all prophecies come to pass."

James Lloyd wants me to tell you that Tom and Bill are false prophets, but I distinctly remember the nudge from the Lord telling me to put them on tour. Please note that many people were saved at their meetings. Were they false prophets? No. They, like me, and like all of us, see through a glass darkly and sometimes get in the flesh and make mistakes. After consulting with Gene, we both agreed that they should not be called false prophets. I disagree with many things our speakers have said; such as Tom Van Asperen telling people to leave America, and Bill Deagle telling people he was one of the two witnesses, the 24th Elder and had been given the mantle of Moses. These are statements done out of the flesh. We have all thought we heard from God to discover later we didn't.

I apologize for all hurts, mistakes or damages our speakers may have made. Perhaps God should have never started The Prophecy Club ® . Maybe the Pastors are right. Maybe this is just a crazy ministry of wackos. I personally know God started it, protected it, prospered it and used it to bring somewhere around 3,000 new conversions and 20,000 rededicated souls into the Kingdom, and now has brought it to its knees to get it to change directions-which we are doing.

Now lets talk about the new direction and why I am discontinuing monthly meetings. According to the Word of the Lord, our new direction is television and Crusades and as God furnishes the funds He will use television to reach the world. While God said that radio will double and then double again and there will be many more cities where He will take the meetings to, television is the new addition we see to reach the world. In most countries there is no Christian radio, but almost all countries have television. God has arranged our finances to dry up because of my heart. Hopefully, with this apology and His continued work on me, He will not take this ministry all the way down. Pray He will cause it to turn the corner and stay in His will.

Crusades! Crusades! Crusades! Crusades!

Gene Bacon, Daniel Rodes and Ken Peters prophesied: Crusades will be very successful. The people will show up. Signs, wonders and miracles will follow. Don't charge for the Crusades. The objective is to teach, train and equip My people to walk in power and victory-to minister in My Spirit and in My power-Thus saith the Lord.

I believe what radio did to build the meetings, television will do to build the Crusades in the future. Why remove the monthly meetings? Do you want the natural answer or the spiritual answer? How about both. The natural answer is because we are so far behind, stations are beginning to remove us from the air because we don't have the money to pay them-and we should pay them on time. We don't have money to buy airline tickets. We don't have money to pay employees and have recently had to lay off half of them. We don't have money to pay for meeting rooms and the hotels won't rent meeting rooms to us until we pay them, and I don't blame them.

The spiritual answer is that God is telling us to change directions and He is telling me to change my heart, a work He must do! He says He wants to make me His minister. He wants me to pray for His people; heal the sick and raise the dead; to walk in the full power of God-which I believe He is already giving me the anointing to do at the Crusades. To do this I must make the changes mentioned earlier-please pray God will make those changes. I do want to be used of God.

If I had discerned these things months ago, changes would have been made earlier. We are making the changes. Please pray for God to forgive me, and make me right so He can use me and this ministry in the days ahead. Please pray that God will send in the finances we need to get caught up.

Why didn't you get on radio or newsletter and let us know The Prophecy Club ® was suffering before this? Why did you wait until it was almost too late? In January, I announced we had an emergency, but it didn't help. To the people who responded with donations-thank you very much, may the Lord bless you. What we discovered is this. Our income and salvation MUST come from the Lord. Our income comes in three ways: meetings, phone orders and donations. When the donations went up the orders came down. At the end of the month there was little to no increase to help make up for the slow response.

God has shown us that He and He alone provides for this ministry. Nothing I could do would help-God has to provide. Either he moves on the hearts of His people to support us or we don't make it. I quit telling people our needs and just started thanking God for the abundance. We also received a few complaints about us asking for donations. So, I just thank those who do support this ministry. I have made a commitment to pay every dime owed-not only to radio stations, but to everyone. We are so far down, unless God sends a breakthrough, even after I have sold The Prophecy Club ® o ffice and all its meager holdings and everything I own, I will spend the rest of my life paying off bills. That is OK. I accept that. I realized this could happen every time I signed a contract with a station. I knew there could be a downturn. I will be responsible to my debtors. I finally realized nothing I could do would continue this ministry if God did not hold it up. I believe what we must do is turn the corner. Please notice I am not asking you to send in a donation, let the Spirit of God direct your heart.

In the future, if we make it; no, when we pull out, and the prophecies say we will, you will see occasional meetings, but only when we have a really dynamic message/speaker we feel God tells us to make into a video. At this moment God has not sent a new speaker for September/October and beyond. I will finish the tours with Michael Rood, then we are finished with monthly meetings. I may have to cancel more radio that is not paying for itself.

I have cut staff 50% to a skeleton crew to fill the orders that come in. We continue to do what we can and pray that God will bless us, because we can't go any further without Him. When the income comes in to bring our past bills current, then perhaps we can go back on radio, bring back the meetings and expand to television, or whatever God wants. We are in His hands. This is His ministry. He has promised to provide for this ministry. Pray God will change my heart enough for God to continue this ministry. Would God let this ministry go down? Absolutely! He is quite capable of getting this message out without us. We have done our best... with your prayers it will make it.

Once again. Pray for us and accept my apology.

UPDATE:The day after I wrote the proceeding letter a major heart change came when two Pastors prayed for me in the office. I felt a spirit of rejection leave me. All of the staff, my wife and family, even our dog, Charlie, can see a difference in me. We are very encouraged that God is still with us and will bring His ministry through the storm.

ADDITION: The following was added after I put the above on the air.

The next morning at about 3:30, I awoke and the thought occurred to me that I also need to apologize for misinforming you on Y2K. As you recall, The Prophecy Club ® was one of the first ministries to begin to expose the Y2K problem. On May 12, 1998, General Ed Wheeler made the video Y2K Chaos ; the next day, May 13, 1998, Mark Andrews made Y2K: Worldwide Collapse 2000 .

Looking back, these should have been the final videos on the subject. Up to this point Y2K was going to be a disaster. None of the big secular newswatch programs had said anything. Some say programs like ours contributed to them doing programs on the subject-God knows. If I had stopped here there probably would not have been a problem. But on April 16, 1999, we had Richard Wiles make Judgment Day 2000 , and then on August 18, 1999, Rick Vannelli made Y2K: The First Birth Pain

Like my wife, Leslie, said this morning, "You should have felt in the Spirit or sought the Lord to know it had been corrected." As a watchman I was correct in warning you that the Y2K sword could be coming. As a prophecy student I was wrong in missing the prediction. I should have somehow known it had been repaired and was not going to be a problem. Next time I will be more diligent to seek the Lord and His prophets to accurately warn you. Once again, please forgive me !

Another weakness of mine is jumping ahead of God. If it seemeth good unto me, I do it-to find out later I forgot to ask God. Case in point. I asked Charles and Francis Hunter to speak at the Lancaster Crusade before asking the Lord if He wanted them there. I aired two broadcasts with them. Then the next day I felt God was stressing the importance of unity at the Crusade. At the last two crusades there wasn't total unity in leadership. Having never actually met Charles and Francis, for the sake of unity, I counseled with Ken Peters. After Ken and I prayed, we both got a "no" to them being part of the Crusade and thus cancelled their ministry appointment. Perhaps down the road when I get to know them, maybe they will minister.

Please forgive me. I am just a broken vessel trying to be filled with a perfect Spirit attempting to warn and inform a sleepy nation that doesn't know it is in trouble with the Lord. Judgment begins at the house of God.

Why did God ever choose you for the job then? That's what I kept asking God. God, why did You choose such an imperfect person? Then in a prophecy on 5-7-00, Gene Bacon answered the question to my surprise. He said in substance, because God knows I will command my household and my staff after Him and will do whatever He asks me to do-which is not always easy. Please pray for me.

We know God will continue this ministry. The prophecies say it is not going down, it just needs your prayers.

In His service,

Stan Johnson


But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet,
and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them,
he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand.
Ezekiel 33:6

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